Who am I?

I am French but have spent most of my adult life in England. I now live in the French Alps with my two children. In the aftermath of a very abrupt separation in January 2011, I felt the urge to do something creative, and because I am useless at knitting, or pottery, I started this blog.

Three and a half years on, I had been cooking a new kind of relationship with Mr Nice for a couple of years, slowly blending families, simmering all the joys and challenges of merging together two dented lives, learning to do things differently, before it all came crashing down again.

Then came a short-lived friendship-turned more thing with Mr Xmas, then came singlehood – and peace. I am still trying to figure out my life, working, single motherhood with no close nearby family is still a tough kind of shit, but somehow, I am hanging in there… Welcome to my life !

At the end of most of my posts, you will find a link to one of my music choices, which you can listen to on Deezer (a free web-based music platform), or on YouTube.

If you are new to this blog, find out how it all started here.

Want to know more?

Here’s the story in dates:

1997- Move to England after finishing university in France. Spend six months wondering why people said “cheese” when they mean thank you. Study nasty little viruses.

2003- Parting present from Useless Boyfriend: A baby boy. Oh, really, that’s too much, you shouldn’t have!

2005- Hang up my lab coat for good to become office-based UK government staff. Take two months to recover from trauma of having to wear clothes other than jeans and free biotech company t-shirts.

2008 August- Meet T on holiday in France. Wow!

2008 November- Selected for UK government course to become a senior civil servant. Yay!

2009 January- Decide to take a career break and move to France to join T, plan to potentially move back to England once his course is finished so I can complete mine.

2009 March- Pregnant. Understand the true meaning of morning sickness.

2009 August- Move to France. Understand the true meaning of leaving your life behind.

2009 November- Give birth to Baby girl! I am never ever doing this again (ever).

2010 October- Discuss plans for baby Nr 3 (Yes yes, I know alright), and house-buying.

2010 December- T works too much, becomes depressed and very crabby.

2011 January 1st- T leaves. Forget sleep, forget appetite, forget baby Nr 3, go directly to hell, do not collect 100 EUR when you pass Start. This is when this blog begins…

2012 January – Mr Nice enters my life

2014 August – Mr Nice takes flightpart 2

2014 September – Mr Xmas’ revelation

2015 June – No more Mr Xmas

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4 thoughts on “Who am I?

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  4. Lovely to hear from you today. I was going to write to your private email address but I’m not sure I’ve got the right name. Anyway, I’m glad you still wander into Duck Viillas. I miss your thoughtful musings but am glad you are happy. Yippee

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