The knights who say no – part 1

Over my three week holiday, I have been able to do a lot of sleeping, swimming, and abso-blinkin-lutely nothing. Which was abso-blinkin-lutely marvelous on account of the school year being a sort of gigantic marathon.

Somehow, my mind  also used some of this unusual leisure to mull over…. well things, you know, such as the intriging fact that since 2008 I have been in failed relationships with the three men below, who in many ways can be seen as really nice. I can be seen as really nice too, so whatever happened that things went so not-nice between us?

This is the first of a two-part post, where main characters are introduced.

Name : T


  • Occupation: Hospital heartthrob (occasionally doubles as intensive care and anaesthesia specialist)
  • Looks: Tall, dark , sporty, handsome, hence main occupation (handsome salary to boot)
  • Likes: Extreme sports, money, partying, himself
  • Dislikes: Being late, his dad, himself
  • What made him attractive: Scary intelligence, ability to turn on the charm and be irresistible, determination that I was his future wife and mother of his children
  • What makes him unattractive: Selfish, unstable, tight-fisted
  • Baggage: Identical twin brother died aged 5 months, severely depressed mother, adulterous, absent father, parents’ very messy divorce

Name: Mr Nice, aka Mr Big Bastard From Hell

Mr Nice

  • Occupation: High school PE teacher
  • Looks: Tall, fair, sporty, handsome
  • Likes: Salsa, his job, rugby, handball, football, travelling
  • Dislikes: Any limit to his sacro-saint freedom, his dad (or worships him, depends…), responsibilities
  • What made him attractive: Sexy in a skinny way, perceptive, generous
  • What makes him unattractive: Unstable, selfish, not the sharpest tool in the box intelligence-wise
  • Baggage: Severely depressed mother, adulterous, absent father, having to be in charge of his little brothers, parents’ messy divorce

Name: Mr Xmas

Mr Xmas

  • Occupation: Physicist, turned computer modeller
  • Looks: Tall, dark, bulky, sporty
  • Likes: Science, swimming, programming, music, cinema
  • Dislikes: Lies, injustice, aggression
  • What made him attractive: Kind, even-tempered, clever, seriously loved me
  • What makes him unattractive: Unstable because of chronic depression, hasn’t cut the chord
  • Baggage: Chronic depression sufferer, family history of severe depression and anxiety, depressed mother, absent father working too much

So three nice men who all turn out to be unstable, six depressed mums and absent dads. I seem to favour tall, sporty looking guys. What else?

Next in this supermarket psychology series, what these very different relationships may have had in common, and what can I learn from it for the future.


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