Photo by Manu Redcheex on Flickr

Photo by Manu Redcheex on Flickr

I drive back with the sun in my rear view mirrors. My daughter has finally gone to sleep.

After hours of her non-stop chattering, my mind can quietly wander over the walnut orchards, the hills, cattle and sleepy villages in the declining light.

Suddenly, the tallest mountain range emerges in front of us, rosy from its first dusting of snow.

By twilight, we reach the city. Tomorrow work and worries will resume, but just for a little while longer, I am still on holiday.

I park and open the door quietly, my house is lit and smells of dinner.

Mr Xmas’ arms close around me.

I am home.

Ok, I know, this song is of the sickening-marshmallow-feast variety, but what can you do, it just reminds me of Mr Xmas!


2 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. I enjoyed the post, and I like think of you restoring yourself in the general routines of family life but what shocked me the most was that this group, “Archive” who were around in 2009/9 are entirely unknown to me, What is happening to me I wonder !

  2. Actually Peter, Archive has been around since the late 1990s 😉 … They have been through many musical changes but I love all their albums. x

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