Light by Lady E

Light by Lady E

I hang up the phone and close my eyes. When I re-open them, I finally see the trees, volley-ball players, families strolling, and clouds shifting across the late afternoon sky.

I am sitting in a park on a busy Saturday afternoon. Mr Nice and I have just been discussing the fineries of our relationship’s funeral : Next week, we’ll tell the children.  We will let them enjoy the afternoon together, before letting them know of our decision to separate. To soften the blow – in as much this is possible when you are robbing someone of much of the stability and safety in their lives, we also decided to make sure they could still spend time together and count on both of us.

How this will work in practice is anyone’s guess.

For the first time in over a month, I have been talking to the Mr Nice I used to know, rather than some spaced out version of him, and this man is lost, desolate, wondering how a relationship which has been giving him happiness and stability for a couple of years could suddenly become something he does not want.

I feel immensely tired.

I get up and start walking towards the light.


3 thoughts on “Light

  1. You describe the end of a relationship so well. It is much like a funeral in that there is still so much that has to be sorted out, cleared away, buried and mourned.

    Haven’t the children noticed that you are not spending time together?

    • Hey Katie, the children have noticed that we haven’t seen much of each other, but until we had reached a final decision, we just told them there was a problem which didn’t concern them. Things have disintegrated so fast (over a month), that it is a shock for all concerned. Thanks for your kind words. Really like your jewellery… Did you change your old blog, or are you a new reader ?

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