Kite surfers by Lady E

Kite surfers by Lady E

It ended in virtually the same way as two years ago, with Mr Nice soaring into the Summer sky.

I watched helplessly from below, as he briefly tried to wrestle his demons, before surrendering and fleeing.

Only this time, he threw to the wind two years of love, trust and honesty. Three children, who for the youngest cannot remember a time when we were not in each other’s life.

I am left barely standing, bewildered and bereft. Again.

About to take a deep breath and plunge into the terrifying, yet well-worn roller coaster of grief and heartbreak.

But I am not ready just yet. For just a few more moments, I watch the brilliant Summer sun, remember its caress, and let tears fade out the lines.

The Avener – fade out lines (fab French electro for your late Summer grooves)


2 thoughts on “Flight

  1. Hello. It is good to hear from you again, although I am sorry it has not gone too well of late. I am still patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) tramping through divorce property settlement (AKA mud), but otherwise doing OK.
    If you need to let loose with some thoughts and need someone who will listen, I am here.

  2. Dear Elizabeth, it’s good to see you tramping through mud, but head up, and with a clear voice. I hope I can soon be on the other end of my particular tunnel… x

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