Guess who…

… Came for dinner the other night ?

Are you sitting down ?

Ok, no, don’t get that excited, it wasn’t Channing Tatum… Indeed, it was only T. I’ll let you get over the anti-climax for a moment.

But still, can you believe it ? The man who broke my heart and our family in hideous ways, before dumping my son came for dinner … and it was actually ok.

At times, it felt as though the last time we’d had dinner together as a family was the night before, rather than just under two years ago. It felt a bit surreal, a bit sad too, as little details of what was nice about our life together came flooding back.

But overwhelmingly, it was good. The children were happy, I actually felt relaxed, T and I have definitely entered a new phase: We get on well, in spite of everything that has happened.

When after a steep climb, I contemplated the breathtaking view from a local mountain-top last weekend, I felt dizzy with how much it felt like looking down at my proverbial past (well, it may have had something to do with low blood-sugar too).

But anyway, if you’d told me a year ago that I would be inviting T for dinner, and actually mildly enjoying the experience, I would have scoffed. But there it is, as incredible as it may sound, I have mostly forgotten what pain and despair felt like.

I remember how much I hated and feared this man, in much the same way I remember crushing his hand in agony after our daughter was born, swearing that I would never do this again. It feels so distant, so far away, as though all this was lived by a different me…

I haven’t taken leave of my senses though, and for anyone who is wondering, there is no way I could let him back into my life. I have some self-respect.

Right, ready for a little boogie ? This song is totally addictive and has had me shaking it uncontrollably.

The black keys – Lonely boy


10 thoughts on “Guess who…

    • Kim, it’s funny, I don’t blog much these days, and I had missed you. Mwah mwah xx
      PS. I cooked salmon back with ratatouille, and pasta. I hadn’t bothered making any special desserts, he’s not that exciting a guest 😉

  1. Whooooah Lady you sound strong, focussed and in control and from your account of what you cooked you sound like a bloomin good cook too! I think it’s great to get to this point – for all of you. Lovely to hear from you. J x

  2. Amazing. as long as you are Ok I’m happy, not that it matters whether I am happy or not, but I care about your well being. It sounds like a healing exprerience in many ways so a good thing.

    • Naaaah, the thought hardly ever enters my mind these days ;). Perhaps you could accidentally serve DB some very special Chocolate & Salmonella Mousse ? (reciper available somewhere in one of my old posts) 🙂 Good luck with everything. You will get through the latest custody change challenge… xx


  3. I am sorry, Lady E – the words “left brutally” really bring your situ to mind.

    I am sorry that you have closed blogging, and may not even get this, but I hope, I do hope if you get this, you are in a better place today.

    I truly feel for you, and wish you well. And your music clips were FANTASTIC and something I’d never experienced before…

    • Dear WFFME, many thanks for your kind words.
      I truly am in a good place today, and my situation does bring to mind just how quickly we heal, if not forget, and move on to a better place. I am really happy now, and soon I can feel that however wrenching what we’ve been through, and tough it is for our daughter to have separated parents, I will no longer even regret what happened. Mr Nice,his son and us are slowly, hopefully becoming a new family.
      I hope life smiles on you too…

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