Back to the grind

It wasn’t until I put my bag down at the end of a mind-numbing day at work, to be met by grumpy children, both hyper and tired from their first day at school, tripped over a basket full of dirty laundry whilst carrying another basket full needing to be put away,  until the garage called to say that I was too late to pick my car up after its servicing, and could I come tomorrow, until I noticed the bins spilling over reproachfully, the fridge looking back at me blankly, with no hint of a dinner menu suggestion, until I practically needed an Arva to be dug out from under the avalanche of school forms needing to be filled, that I started to miss my mum.

And wow, that was quite a Proustian effort as far as sentence length goes…

Ok, I may have been a little bit spoilt this Summer, what with a very nice three-week break thank you very much, followed by a couple of weeks of being back at work, but with my mum staying to look after the children until school started. Meaning that I could leisurely get ready in an under an hour in the mornings, come home to a clean house, entertained children and lovely meals… (sob)

Why o why does my mum still work and live 600 km away, huh ? Cue: Foot stamp and lip curl.

Moving on but only just, I have still not quite recovered from the shock that my baby started school today, the first day of so many days to come, it’s a good job she has no idea, or she would probably need to go on Prozac. Amazingly, she did not cry, my brave little sweetie pie (warning : This is a gushing sentimentality alert). And even more amazingly, I did not cry either… – ok, only a little bit, all right ? Doesn’t count.

No. It. Doesn’t

Florida – Wild ones

Oohoo oohoo ooh 🙂


6 thoughts on “Back to the grind

  1. Glad your daughter’s first day at school went well! As for the rest of it….deep breath needed…..better?? I can well sympathise with the chaotic scene you described. This would normally have me reaching for a glass of wine but I’m banning myself on weeknights henceforth 😉
    You should have “Things can only get better” by D-Ream as the song of the day 😀 xxxx Sending much love and “it’ll be okay” vibes xxx

    • Thanks for the song (and the hugs), yes, it’s cheesy but true ! And a glass of wine sounds good at the end of a full-on day, but I’d be at risk of turning into an alcoholic ;)…
      But you’re right, it’ll be ok, I just need to get back into things and hold on tight. xx

  2. Hi E,

    I know full well what it’s like to send a daughter off into the scary world to be…careful among them English (to quote the movie Witness). They change quickly as they grow attached to friends and realize you’re not Superman/Superwoman. *sigh*

    It won’t be that long before you’re me: the kids are getting up before you, making their own breakfast and lunch (but not cleaning up afterwards in the kitchen — that’s still your task!), and getting themselves organized. All while you’re still sleepily looking into your half-finished coffee and planning the day ahead.

    Enjoy the journey!

    Cheers, SD xxx.

    • I know SD, reading about your daughters and the problems they face is actually scary (though they are lovely girls). I cannot believe what I’m bound to face in a few years’ time…
      As to A. realising that I’m not Superwoman and no longer needing me, well, I don’t know, it’s just a part of life, but owww, something in me will miss my babies I think.
      Ooh, and my smurfs made pancake mix all by themselves yesterday, and left a glorious less. Do you think they’re teenagers already ? 😉 xx

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