Let’s hope the weekend gets better

Today started at 6.15, when my children were woken up by soaring temperatures, and crawled into my bed.


At 9.15, I got involved in a (minor) car accident in a car park.


At 13.45, I finished something really urgent, and ran to the canteen to grab lunch before a meeting at 14.00, when…

AT 14.00, I had to take minutes for two hours for a really important meeting.


Have a good weekend everyone !


15 thoughts on “Let’s hope the weekend gets better

  1. I like your hair in the first cartoon, and its transition after that. In America, that’s called “bed head”!

    I don’t like everything else — poor you!

    Hope you do have a good weekend. Just in case things cool down, we’re shipping you our warm weather. So you won’t to get any blankets out if it cools over the weekend, our baking temperatures might be with you in a few days… 😦

    Good luck…SD xxx

    • Yeah, my hair does NOT ever need a blow-dry… 🙂
      And I actually omitted a few other mishaps in my day. It’s been so stressful that I was actually laughing hysterically by the time I had the erm, uncomfortable conversation with my boss.
      No-one’s dead, and I’m ok really, just really tired. xx
      PS. We need a proper catch up. How was the hol ?

  2. I noticed the exact same thing as Separated Dad, the frazzled hair 😉 I am also familiar with the sleeping arrangement. Musical positions! Sorry about the other events of the day 😦 My advice? Take a deeeeeep breath, pour yourself a big glass of wine and pop those feet up on the sofa….Have a lovely weekend. Things can only get better!! (D’ream I think ;-)) xx

  3. Well the fact that his recording didn’t work is his fault!! Though I bet he didn’t see it that way!!

    Have a lovely weekend – and well done for laughing – it’s the best answer

    • The recording problem was no-one’s fault really… And nevermind, no-one’s dead. 🙂
      Thanks, and hope your weekend’s going well too. The heatwave has abruptly ended today, and phew, we’re breathing again.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you are having a bit of a time of it. I thought I would pass on one of my back up songs that I play when life isn’t going quite the way I choose but I know it will (MUST) get better. I know it will for you too. I thought I would pass it on to you. I hope it calms your soul and I hope your babies get well soon. Take care lovely lady.

    • Hey Jacqueline, and thank you for the song, it’s so soothing !
      My babies are fine, they just had trouble sleeping as we’ve had a heatwave, so there are worse things in life 😉 …
      My weekend hasn’t been exactly great either, but all this will pass. How’s yours going ? xx

    • Yup, you heard right, I’m off to visit a friend in Madrid in August ! And no problem,I’ll just pack you discreetly into my hand luggage, shall I? 😉 xx

    • Hey Pat, yes, it has abruptly become much cooler. In fact, it’s down-right miserable now ;)! Happy to fold you up neatly and take you to Madrid in my hand luggage too. Anyone else coming ?

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