She’ll probably hate this but anyway

She is practically the only person I know, whose Doctorate of Philosophy is an actual doctorate of philosophy.

She cooks the best lasagna in the world.

She is an understated chef.

She works, works, works.

She cares so much for all of us.

She is catholic guilt on legs.

She is the quiet sister.

She worries, worries, worries.

She loves nothing more than tragedy.

She strives on silence, art and coffee.

She is a brilliant mind.

She travels, travels, travels.

She doesn’t do frill.

She is too harsh.

She is a knight.

She runs, runs, runs.

She was the first person I knew.

She is the first I still turn to.

She thinks Mother’s Day is a despicable commercial celebration, smacking of 1940s fascist France.

She misses her mum.

She’ll probably hate this but anyway…

Happy mother’s day to my mum, whom I love so much (yet I am unable to speak the words).

And ok, next year, I’ll revert back to clay ashtrays and noodle jewellery.

Luz casal – Piensa en mi


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