Suddenly Summer

A thermal breeze sighs down the mountains, a tendril of honeysuckle tickles my shoulder, I am finally sitting down.

The last week or so has been a whirlwind, and I am bone tired, but mostly, it’s been a good kind of whirlwind. I have spent the last May Bank Holiday weekend with my children and relatives near Montpellier, and the three days are a blur of trying to fit fifteen people around the dinner table, rubbing cream onto toasted shoulders, guitars, flute and singing under a starry sky, and enough sand to build a small castle on my bedroom floor when I unpacked our bags.

Then, I had a visit from a secondary school friend … Twenty five years ago, we lived in a Parisian suburb, were preoccupied by the theorem of Thalès and pimples, the future looked both far and immense. We were very close. Now, he lives in Peru, is full of fascinating tales about hiking up and down the Andes, and we bump into each other every 5 years or so. His private life hasn’t been easy, but he seems to have found some stability at last.

Likewise, I have lived most of my adult life abroad, and it almost feels like I have landed back in France randomly, single, and with two beautiful children.

Still, I too feel like stability and a new, more grown-up sort of contentment are within reach these days.  Could I finally be leaving my teenage behind? I’ll leave you with that shocking thought, and a cool song.

To Sébastien who made me want to travel again.

Soma – The brightest side


12 thoughts on “Suddenly Summer

    • Thanks Emma. It was truly wonderful, and has made me seriously consider taking up playing the guitar again. I had forgotten just how lovely it is to play your own music. 🙂 xx

  1. Such a great post. I love Montpellier – it is one of the nicest cities I’ve ever visited. One of my kids wants to live there – to be honest I wouldn’t mind living there myself! Long, long ago one of my grandmother’s cousins – a woman called Gabriel Hayes – who was an artist – went there to study art. I was always very impressed that her father (her mother had abandoned them) was progressive enough to allow his daughter to go abroad to study art in Montpellier in the early twentieth century. She went on to do the design for some of the decimal coinage here in the 70s – I hope he was still alive to be proud!
    Enjoy your summer in France. How I wish I was there!

    • Thanks CR. My mum is from a little town near Montepllier, so I go there a lot. I know: It’s a hard life 😉 !
      The story of your grandmother’s cousin sounds fascinating…

  2. Hi E,
    Being busy with family and friends on vacation is tiring, but in a pleasant and fulfilling way, n’est-ce pas? There’s a contenment that soothes you as the warmth of the day fades into evening, the kids settle down, and the adults drift into chit-chat. I hope you enjoyed your break and the sand doesn’t ruin your vacuum cleaner **

    ** If it does, get a Dyson. They’re fabulous. 🙂

    • It was really nice SD, you’re right, and seems like it was ages ago after yet another full-on weekend.
      PS. I just used a dustpan and brush for the sand. The children were asleep!
      PPS. Give me some news when you get a chance

  3. Ahhh. Family fun–the best kind. I’m glad to be back and reading your wonderful posts.

    I highly recommend Peru. Maybe you can visit your old friend.

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