Bad muvvas

The little girl is standing on the bench, clamouring for vinaigrette dressing, spraying everyone with tomato juice from her dangerously pumping fork.

My little girl has been refusing to touch her veg for the last 15 minutes, and now bored, is climbing down from the same bench backwards.

The big boy is making farting noises, and wants to get down from the table, while my big boy is nowhere to be seen…

I find him sprawled on the sofa, and yell at him to get back to the table at once. He whines something about needing to rest because his calf muscles are stiff, and I start counting to five in my most menacing tone.

He gets back to the table, where my friend is yelling at her girl, who smeared food all over herself .

My friend and I roll our eyes across the table, and mumble something about selling our kids on ebay. It is lunchtime on Wednesday, and we are officially having a Bad Muvvas’ day.

Don’t get me wrong, we both love our children, and I dare say our lives would just not make sense without them. But on days like these, we just wish for some peace, a bit of adult conversation, and not having to watch out for sandwich content ending up in our hair.

I wistfully dream about being careless, carefree, and generally able to go wild.

For now, my friend and I sit in the sun, and share a rebellious cigarette.

PS. For all of you wanting to go wild, or just in need of a good R&R fix, here’s Skip the use and their perfect Give me your life. Enjoy!


20 thoughts on “Bad muvvas

    • You’re right Pat, this is normal craziness, and one of those things I should actually cherish instead of resenting it, but at times, I just get tired…
      Glad it made you giggle. šŸ™‚ xx

      • Even though I’m years removed from where you are with your children, I still remember the resentment and the dogged tiredness. And I see it in my daughters sometimes, though I should not speak for them. We all have those feelings.

        Hope you have a great weekend. I’m packing. And listening to music. And stopping to dance when I need a break. šŸ™‚

    • I know, that song is just fabulous, and I have been dancing around wildly… But I need more fuse blowing, it’s been itching again lately. xx
      PS. Can you believe Skip the use is actually a French band? šŸ˜‰

  1. I genuinely think we could be best friends! Except I’m old and . . . . great post and . . . please don’t smoke . . . please . . . and sorry . . . (yep, I’m old). . . .

    • Hey there worry wart, I don’t care about age, let’s be best friends ;). And I don’t think you need to worry about my smoking: On average, I have one cigarette a week, when I see this friend. I’ve never felt like smoking more.

  2. Nothing can drive one crasier than the insanity of children. Nothing can drive children crazier than their interpretation of our own insanity and preoccupation with what should be. When two groups of insane people get together…like parents and kids…it can be chaos. Utter, irrevocable love…yet chaos.

    • I know, it’s a curious mixture, I know that I absolutely love them, and would do anything for my children, but at times (quite regularly in the last few weeks), I have felt suffocated by my responsibilities, the burden of work, by their complete reliance on me, and the fact that I am alone in this.
      Oh well, it’ll pass. Good to hear from you LFBA!

      • Given the recent disappointment with Mr Nice….these feelings are perfectly natural. And yes…they will pass. You entered this with a partner and that has changed. I know….it’s “supposed’ to be a team effort, to ease the burden, for a respite….and now that is not an option. But, you are not alone in this. Many of us understand. It’s just you there with them in the moment, but we understand.

    • You’re right Counting Ducks, I am blessed with many good friends. This one has been my closest friend for the last year, and I will badly miss her when she moves to the other end of France next month.
      It is the third year on the trot that my closest friend moves away in the Summer, and I am getting tired of it. šŸ˜¦

      • I’ve got to agree that really sucks. Friends keep us alfoat in difficult times I know. Pity you can’t bribe her to stay. Many people here support you, and I am one of tem, of course, though I know that is a small comfort compared to “real life” friends. Still, it is some comfort I hope. I know comments in my Blog often cheer me up, which is why I comment on yours. I’m now off for a cigarette but do’t tell anyone.

  3. My vice would be a glass of wine rather than a cheeky cigarette…but I KNOW that scene….OMG….kids are crazy….These desires to just let loose and not have to be a “parent” sometimes is definitely within us all….I empathise xxx

    • Well, I think that by some sort of international decree, French women are supposed to be sophisticated and to smoke. Since I am dreadful at the sophistication, I’ll just stick to the odd smoke ;)…
      Wouldn’t say no to a glass of wine too though… x

  4. Geez, now you make me feel guilty to share cigarettes with you!
    I do not smoke that much either, but sometimes I smoke without you…Sorry. Mostly it’s around 5 am, when I spent the day taking up on myself not to yell ALL THE TIME. I bite a fag instead of my kids.

    See you next wednesday!!

    • Geez, don’t feel guilt! I love hat little ritual of ours… šŸ™‚
      And surely you meant 5pm, when you need to bite a fag instead of your delightful little cherubs?
      See you next Wednesday indeed xx

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