Alternative versions of Superman

Alternative versions of Superman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is Monday morning, the clocks have moved forward, and everyone is grumpy on account of getting up an hour early.

I nag the children to get out of bed, get dressed, eat up, and brush their teeth. They retaliate by whining non-stop, and the little one spills her cereal all over herself, her chair, and the floor.

I shout, which scares her, and makes her cling to my clean, smart, ready-for-work cardigan.

I curse, run up the stairs, get changed, run back down, and notice that the dishwasher has gone on strike, apparently in a protest over some water drainage problem.

I kneel down to take out the skirting board running along the base of the renegade appliance, my tight gets caught on the edge of a tile, and starts to run. The skirting board mocks me by not budging.

I call Mr Nice.

Mr Nice takes his son to school, comes round, yanks the skirting board off *, pulls the dishwasher out, tips excess water off and presses the start button. A promising whir ensues, and I fall into his arms, alarmed stupefied by the pathetic overwhelming gratefulness I feel.

* actually breaks the mocking f**er

My absolutely favourite song of the moment. Insanely cool…

Dafuniks – All I want


7 thoughts on “Hero

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    • Mr Nice doesn’t actually score too high in the handyman department, but still, he was efficient, and even if he hadn’t done anything, his presence made everything better 😉 x

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