Spring is a stronger promise with each passing day.

But for now, night has come, and the traffic is humming outside Mr Nice’s flat. I am bundled on the sofa, feeling dozy and warm. Mr Nice is peeling potatoes, watching me, and singing along to this cover of Edith Piaf’s hymne à l’amour (who said men can’t multitask?).

I have found peace… And will be having it with a side of lovingly prepared mashed potatoes, thank you very much.

On a different note, here are the answers to my own tricky tag questions. Ho-hum, serves me right for coming up with them in the first  place!…

1. Why is the sky blue?

Because the sky fairies paint it that colour, what else?

2. What time did you get up this morning?

7.10. It was supposed to be 7.00 but I just could not. Forget about the Rayleigh effect, this is called the Mr Nice effect, which means I suffer from chronic sleep deprivation AND smilitis.

3. Shower gel or soap bar?

Depends… I have a weakness for le Petit Marseillais’ Lemon verbena, and Cottage’s Pink rhubarb gels at the moment , so I tend to go around smelling like a fruit salad. But I’m also partial to lovely soap bars at times. As with most things, I seem to go through phases…(possibly something to do with being a girl)

4. Favourite cheese?

Why did I have to ask that question? Honestly, choosing just one, what was I thinking? I love brie and camembert, and really dry goat’s cheeses, ooh and gruyère. Beaufort is my weakness, fourme d’Ambert is lovely, and don’t get me started on Mont D’or, St Marcellin, roquefort. Raclette, reblochon, anyone? Ok, I think we can safely conclude that I fail to answer this question.

5. Do you vote (I really hope you do. No pressure)?

Yes, I do. And I think the Australians, the Belgians, and whoever else have got it right: It should be mandatory. Ha.

In fact, France is in the throes of a presidential election campaign, so I’ll be exercising my voting muscles soon.

6. Have you ever tried to limit your carbon footprint?

Yup. Having worked on climate change literally changed my life, realising what we are doing to our planet made me want to weep, and guilt-tripped me into using cloth nappies, eating less meat, driving less, composting, and taking up recycling as a religion. I draw the line at turning the heating right down: I must have been an amphibian in a former life – wait, I still am a frog!- and when the temperature falls below 20°C ish, I stop moving.

7. What did you wear on your wedding day?

On my PACS day, I think I wore maternity jeans and a slightly less frumpy than usual top over my huge bump. Maybe if I do get married one day, I’ll make a special effort and wear shorts and flip-flops, or something… No, seriously, I’d like to make a real effort, but not sure how to look really good and feel comfortable at the same time.

8. Favourite cocktail?

Think I’m going through a caïpirinha phase at the moment.

9. What’s the capital of Burma (Myanmar)? No cheating.

It’s Rangoon, and humour me please, the nerd in me loves maps, so I know a lot of random capitals.

10.What was the highlight of your day?

See above. Having your boyfriend cook you dinner and sing an absolutely sickening classic love song to you while you do nothing wrapped in a duvet has to be on paradise’s trailer, surely?

11. Do you wear pyjamas to bed?

Yes and no. Depends.

I know, totally useless answer isn’t it? Oh well, shoot me.


10 thoughts on “Answers

    • Yes, it was very romantic in a really low-key, spontaneous sort of way… And I felt both gooey and at peace in hat moment. Very strange combination. Not complaining though 😉 xx

  1. Just to let you know I am still reading your Blog and ts really heartwarming and lovely to read how much happier you are these days. Mr Nice is to be thanked by all who care for you. No doubt you have made him happier too or he wouldn’t be humming. All in all a very nice situation. I am so pleased for you

    • Hey counting ducks, You know, it’s really good to hear from you… I too am still following your from afar, but as you can tell, I’m lagging behind on the blog writing and reading fronts. Hope you’ve been keeping well, and are enjoying the return of Spring.
      Yes, I think you’re right, both Mr Nice and I bring joy to each other’s life. I guess this is what it’s all about, isn’t it? 😉
      Good to still have you around on my way to a different life! xx

    • Life is good right now, and I intend to savour it …
      Not long ’til you can share a bit of your wisdom, and I can bore you senseless with tales of Mr Nice 😉
      V excited!

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