What day is it?

Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day... (Photo credit: Јerry)

I wake up and throw on multiple layers of clothing, then add a few more as I remember the glacial draughts in my office. I am too tired to even entertain traditionally murderous thoughts against alarm clocks.

I start opening the shutters, a new week has started and I have zero reserves of energy left.

Every day feels like a long repetition of the same automatic gestures, pulling laundry in and out of the washing machine, crockery in and out of the dishwasher, children in and out of snowsuits, meals in and out of the oven, bills in and out of envelopes.

Last night, I miscalculated my turn while parking the car into my own space (d’oh!) and scratched it, this morning I poured orange juice instead of milk into my daughter’s cereal, and I generally feel like crying multiple times a day: I need a holiday.

Which is just as well, because on Friday, the smurfs and I will be flying off to Cyprus, where we will be descending upon unsuspecting visiting friends for a week. The only downside to this delicious treat, is that I’ll probably be pining for the delicious treat I left at home…

Mr Nice is taking me out tonight (woohoo, I don’t think I’ve ever really celebrated Valentine’s Day before!). Of course, I like to pretend that being a cool and sophisticated woman, I could not care less for such a lowly marketing operation designed by supermarkets to sell you heart-shaped butter and pink bin bags.

But secretly, I am thrilled. Nevermind that Mister Nice had not realised it was Valentine’s day (typical man, you’d think he has been living in a cave for the last month), and hadn’t booked any restaurant, so we’ll probably end up eating a kebab under a bridge rather than dining out by candle light. I keep humming Ben Howard* in my head and smiling idiotically (a sport I seem to be practicing at olympic level these days).

* Yes, bear with me, I’m going through a bit of a Ben Howard phase – Everything:


27 thoughts on “What day is it?

    • Hey Jacqueline, are you trying to beat Kim at speed of light commenting (another olympic discipline no doubt) ;)?
      Hope you also have a lovely night, and isn’t it weird, I think I’m just so err…happy? xx

    • Hey Tad2, thank you, I had a great time…And I really hope your next Valentine’s day is spent in the company you deserve a good man who’ll make you truly happy.

  1. I was reading the part about the repetitive work you’re doing at home. My first thought was that my kids are much older, so why am I still doing most of this?? I know it was supposed to be a completely different theme!

    Have a nice night out and, as my friend’s sister used to tell me before I went out with a special someone: If you can’t be good, be careful. If you can’t be careful, be good.


    • I was as good as gold, promise ;)!
      And even my kids are supposed to help… It’s just that when I get that tied, it’s just easier to do it tall by myself. I get to knackered to even nag, praise when they do it and then re-do it all afterwards because thay don’t get the concept of plates go here and cups go there apparently…
      Anyway, hope your Valentine’s was as good as mine. And my word of wisdom will be don’t do anything I wouldn’t ;)!

  2. Hi,
    Just wanted to stop by and say that I think you have a beautiful writing style and to let you know how much I look forward to your posts. Hope you are having a great day.

    • No kebab under the bridge. He did manage to find a nice restaurant, bless him! And I truly enjoyed myself, think I may be relaxing into things at last… πŸ™‚ x

  3. Orange juice in cereal ain’t so bad.
    All cars get scratches.
    Patterns and repetitions can get you down and that feeling is normal.
    Tears often find their way to my cheeks during the day also.
    You flying off to cyprus. Yassou!!
    The treat at home will be there when you get back.
    idiotic smiles can be really endearing.
    Mr Nice sounds nice. Glad for you!!

  4. I know, I am looking forward to the holiday, I really am… And Mr Nice will be back from his ski hol when I’m back, which should considerably ease the post holiday blues. πŸ˜‰

  5. I made sure I pleased myself this Valentine’s Day. I had a fantastic time curled up with a good book and a glass of wine!

    • Good for you 30 something. I often find it preposterous when people tell me to give myself love, care for myself as I would like to be cared for, but if I’m honest, it is great advice.
      No one can truly love you if you don’t love yourself in the first place.

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