Only love

The cold is piercing, paralysing, painful.

I am so tired of the fear, of being tied to the ground and its dessicated desolation.

I want to soar into a Summer sky, to stop worrying about tomorrow, about the boiler packing up, or running out of breakfast cereal.

I close my eyes and burrow deeper into his neck, listening to Ben Howard’s song *, feeling hope light up the frozen sky, split the clouds, bring colour to my life.

* Ben Howard – Only Love


4 thoughts on “Only love

  1. I empathize with your feelings of cautious impatience.

    It’s the 2012 that I hoped you’d be ready for. You’re ready. And you’re trying to make a new interest work. Your careful attention to how to make it work without failure works more in your favour than against you.

    Yay you.

    Note: Your post is very short. Are you being kept busy?

    Cheers, SD Xxx.

    • You’re right SD, this year is starting out in the lovely way you’d predicted…maybe you could leave project management and move to clairvoyance ;)?
      I am def being kept busy…But so are you I believe 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Kim, I am surviving ok, I just wish I could relax and enjoy my life without fearing my fragile new happiness is going to go up in smoke any minute.
      I guess time will help with this, and the returning Spring too. 🙂
      Hope you’re keeping well?

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