I have decided to accept an award. Until now, I had regarded these chain mail-like nominations with much suspicion, but today I just thought, why the hell not? So, many thanks to Jacqueline who passed on the 7×7 award to me. She is a clever lady who blogs with a Scottish accent and great attitude…

Now, I believe I am supposed to select my 7 best posts, which is a really interesting exercise in über navel-gazing 😉 … Here’s a selection:

I’m also supposed to pass on the star, so after looking at my blogroll and scratching my head for a while, as a lot of the blogs on there have had the award already, here are my nominations:

  • Separated dad, who is my Washington-based heartbreak buddy and makes me laugh.
  • Big red dress, Deep fried balls and Mother interrupted, who sit on opposite sides of the planet but are all facing some serious crap and heartbreak, with an amazing sense of humour. You girls make me laugh, cry, and see myself. You rock!
  • Pat, who is lovely, wise and takes cool pictures.

That’s it for now…


4 thoughts on “7×7

  1. If nothing else, this gives us a chance to look again at “Introducing Useless Boyfriend”, where I wrote some of the longest comments I’ve ever written on these blogs!!

  2. I never got to comment here, but I do so appreciate your shout out! I think I refresh this page several times a day, and I’m always so happy to see a new post. 🙂

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