Proceed with caution

English: Hair frost on barbed wire in the dune...

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There’s light in my step, a song in my head and snowy mountains all around.

The air is sharp, clear and frozen, but hope is beginning to slowly, cautiously, melt the 20 ft. high wall, complete with barbed wire, watch towers and guard dogs defences around my heart.

I am absolutely terrified, but there’s a stubborn idioticΒ  smile on my face, when I close my eyes and see his own. I know so little of him, yet what I do makes me want to know so much more…

U2- Magnificent


12 thoughts on “Proceed with caution

    • Hey Emma, I am excited, and scared in equal measures. It’s such early days that nothing is certain, but so far, it feels good… I promise to say more if and when… xx

    • Thanks 35 MS! I am enjoying how life suddenly tastes sweeter, and the dizzying feeling that at this stage, anything is possible… πŸ™‚ x

    • Sorry Kim, I’m going to have to. Too soon, too scared, too uncertain… I’ll just give you this: There’s light in his eyes, and kindness in his voice.
      I promise to give more details in good time…x

    • True enough. It’s a very effective distraction from heartache…. And I am timidly, but definitely looking forward to so much, it makes a very welcome change (if terrifying). πŸ™‚ xx

  1. Best. News. Ever. Here’s to sigh-inducing cuddling, endless talking and not possibly being able to get enough of each other.

    • I know! It’s so exciting and lovely… Shame I’m so anxious I am not fully enjoying the moment yet, but hope it will pass. No, it’s high time we found a good man for you ?! xx

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