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Four days ago was the first anniversary of this blog. Woohoo, at last a nice anniversary to mark, because deary me, what a year it’s been, otherwise!

I’m so glad to be today and not a year ago, even if at times the pain still feels unexpectedly fresh and devastating. Like many bloggers, I started writing, so that the excess of pain, and raw emotions would not destroy me completely. Then I found unexpected solace, and support in my readers, and in becoming a reader of other people’s blog. I cannot tell you how many times it helped to see my own confused thoughts, untangled and neatly folded, laid black on white by someone else. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to have the continued support of complete strangers across the globe.

So thank you all. And here’s something to rack your brains with on this slow winter day: I think it is high time I changed my blog title, in honour of…well, a changed outlook I suppose. So come on, what should Poor cow in France become? Leave your suggestions in the comments box, and the best one will win a box of yummy chocolates!

JLS – Shy of the cool


22 thoughts on “Anniversablog

  1. Oh Happy Anniversary Lady E. 😉

    I think it’s great that you’re thinking of changing your blog title to mark the passing of time and moving forward. Mmm suggestions for blog titles – well as the essence of your blog is very much about surviving separation and moving on these are what popped into my head……

    “Does My Bum Look Big in this Life Jacket”
    “Lady On A Mission Not So Impossible”

  2. I changed my subtitle quite a while ago. Don’t know if anyone noticed but this one is much more positive. I do think it’s a good indication of progress when we make these changes.

    PS… I never have thought of you as a “poor cow” nor a cow of any kind.

  3. I’m so glad you’ve decided to change your blog title. I believe it is very important to feed yourself as many positives as you can – even if at times they don’t seem real.

    I believe the title should reflect your goal – where you want to be, your future aim. To be happy, to zing, so each time you look at it you’re reminded of your aim.

    Laughing lady
    The Phoenix rises

    I don’t know – it should come from within and be yours from within you so you own it completely

    So my suggestion is pour yourself a glass of wine, find some post it notes and scribble down all the ideas that flash into your mind
    good luck


  4. Oooo I really like “Laughing Cow in France”– just reminiscent enough of the old blog but a rejuvinated enough for the new blog. And clever. And cheesy 🙂

    Winner, Winner!

      • Whatever you choose, I don’t think “cow” should be in the title. It’s goofy meaning in the UK doesn’t translate to the USA and I assume you as many or more USA readers.

        • Well, if I keep a cow in my title, I’ll just have to hope that my American readers are of the with-a-sense-of-humour, sorry humor variety 😉 xx

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