Two years ago today, I watched the sun rise on my daughter’s first morning… I was dazed from the shock of her birth, the drugs, the pain, and the discovery of the very different, visceral kind of love between a mother and a daughter.

When we came home, it felt like bringing back the missing piece of our puzzle, the cement of our brand new family.

And I cannot imagine what it made her feel like when that family was blown apart just over a year later.ย  When she was still too little to put words on her pain. When I was unable to protect her sweet, still baby-self.

Almost a year on, she is a beautiful mystery, she frowns, observes, and moves through life’s ups and downs with incredible grace. Every day I see her become more of herself, challenge my deepest identity, and elicit incredible love.

This is her favourite song of the moment, so we’ll all have a dance as we celebrate tonight. Luckily, she doesn’t get the words…

Taio Cruz – Troublemaker


13 thoughts on “Grace

  1. What a cute little thing in this photo!

    She’s grown so fast. She has your intelligent eyes and quick perception of the world around her. She’ll be a handful soon enough.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy your evening.

    Cheers, SD xx.

    • It was right after her birth, how incredible to think that…Thanks for the compliments, though she really is the spitting image of her daddy, virtually takes nothing after me, except for her slight build perhaps.
      Ps.Had a lovely evening celebrating thanks!

    • You’re right Judith…I feel that more and more these days. The sad thing is it’s also her loss somehow. But nevermind, it’s out of my control. x

  2. What a beautiful baby she is. I agree it’s a shame about her father but the love she gets from her mother shines through this post and that will always be with her

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