La lose

I just love the way in which languages borrow words and expressions from each other, bend them, and twist them, to eventually make them theirs.

Have you heard about the crème de la crème, experienced a déjà-vu, or practiced double-entendre? Interestingly, all these quintessentially French-sounding expressions are not actually used in French…

Conversely, “la lose”, to describe a crummy situation, is a recent and trendy addition to spoken French, borrowed directly from the equally loathed and revered English language.

On a more personal note, I am enjoying a pleasant Bank Holiday weekend, staying with relatives in the Cévennes region, and savouring some great news from one of my ex-sisters in-law. Last Spring, she got dumped unceremoniously by T’s youngest brother, who following hotly into T’s footsteps, had found himself a younger, blonder model.

A third sister in-law had followed a similar treatment a year before, and between the three of us, we have five children, a collection of dented hearts, and the informal club of the T brothers’ curse.

Only T’s youngest brother got dumped by the newer, blonder model last week, and he is getting a taste of his own medicine, as well as the sobering realisation that he has broken his family for this. Altogether, the perfect illustration for “la lose totale”, and a rather uplifting follow-on from my previous post, don’t you think?

This song is my latest “coup de coeur”, it’s brilliant, and I dedicate it to the lovely Sonia who deserves so much better…

Gotye – Somebody that I used to know:


16 thoughts on “La lose

  1. Well, well. What goes around does come around sometimes, doesn’t it? At least that’s what youngest brother is learning.

    The T brothers’ curse–not a club you would have chosen. Who knew it would run in the family.

    • Indeed… If I’d known T’s full family history, I may have been more cautious about committing to him. Anyway, hindsight is useless, and I’m just pretty chuffed about this latest development. 🙂

    • Mmm, indeed, I wouldn’t exactly say well done to Ms Astroturf but all the same, result! x
      PS. Bets are on for who’s next. Alex, T, X, The Ex?…

    • Hey Robin, good to “see” you!
      Mmm, I don’t actually believe in karma, things happen for a reason and all that jazz, but nonetheless, this is quite nice isn’t it?

    • Hey Judith, Sounds like I’ll have to see that film!
      It’s true that at times, my life sounds like a B-movie doesn’t it ?
      Nevermind, I hope to be totally boring one day! 😉 x

  2. I’d love to add a smart comment, but I think everyone else beat me to the best ones! I assume you’ve heard of the other English expression, “What goes around comes around”? T might not have the happy outcome he expects…

  3. I agree with Pat. The T family musical chairs seem amazing. As for the language thing I always find that fasinating. Mind you when I listen to something like Thai, which I have done, the complete lack of relationship to any european or latin based language always makes me think. Ok. I’m boring even myself now so I’ll stop writing

    • Languages fascinate me too… As do human relations, and while all families have their difficulties, T’s is a great big mess of well-meaning people who hurt each other, and others around them.

  4. Can’t believe all brothers did the same thing! Their parents must be appalled?? Or not? Most likely one doing it gave the others the idea (wrong idea of course!). Glad 1 brother got his comeuppance at least….perhaps the others will follow suit.

    As for languages…I just love the way French steals from English and English from French…the English words incorporated into French end up having such a lovely ring to them- better than in the original English 🙂 I hadnt heard “la lose” before until you mentioned it…However I’ve been watching this French comedy series broadcast here in UK “Women” but French title Vous Les Femmes and I heard them use it last night in fact…It’s a weird prog- have u seen it? xx

    • Well, all brothers did not exactly proceed in the same way, but the trend is the same and appalling. Their mum did not say anything, which was a sore disappointment, and blames us (the ex-wives), why of course, her precious sons couldn’t possibly be sad, irresponsible fuckwits…

      Ironically, I’ve never watched Vous les femmes, and I still don’t get any of the French TV channels because of a problem with my cable or something (and no man to fix it, sigh), so I just watch Masterchef on the BBC instead!

      Hope all is going well your end, kitchen-wise, work-wise, life-wise…

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