Expensive pasta

pasta close up

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Last night, T spoke to the children on Skype. Normally this is little more than an obligatory annoyance for me these days. I sigh with relief when it’s over and life resumes until the next time.

But last night, he was cooking pasta for his and the New Ms T’s dinner, and we were subjected to 5 excruciating minutes of their Domestic Show. Where the New Ms T, even though she was off-screen, kept making her presence felt, asking to try out the pasta (I actually gagged when he fed her the pasta), or other crucial questions such as where she should put down a pan.

In the grand scheme of things, this incident is obviously mundane and ridiculous, but nevertheless it got my blood boiling harder than the water in their pan.

How hollow did his declarations of how much he loves and misses the children ring! And how I itched to slap the smile off his smug face remind him that a year ago, he was cooking pasta for four in our kitchen, wanting to produce a fifth family member with me.

I was still fuming this morning and hit the shops feeling armed and dangerous, a lethal combination for my long-suffering credit card…

I am now the proud owner of a naff-off great big zoom lense for my camera, and a few cute little numbers -including this lovely wool dress- which happened to cross my way. This turned out to be the most expensive pasta ever, but I feel better and am clothed for winter…


14 thoughts on “Expensive pasta

  1. BRILLIANT!! Retail therapy is just the ticket!! I bought my current – very expensive – camera just to annoy my Ex (it worked!! He was quite put out!!). So good on you.

    Love the dress.

    You are doing so well. You’re an inspiration


    • Thanks Caroline, and yes, I really like that dress, am wearing it over jeans today!
      Tell you what though, I wasn’t feeling so great last night, couldn’t sleep I was so upset…
      Glad you are feeling better too xx

  2. That would have annoyed me too – although I wonder what the show was all about and who it was for? I’m not much into cameras but your dress is fab – will look great with that new mascara you tipped me off about – bought it today – it’s wonderful. My lashes are now so long I’m having to wear my glasses further down my nose – must rethink application mode, but meantime I’m enjoying looking like a 1950’s movie star (hell we can all dream can’t we). Good to hear that you are able to shrug off T’s shenanigans – things are looking up! 🙂

    • Hey Jacqueline, I’m pretty sure the show was on for my benefit, she was marking her territory, which means she doesn’t feel secure in their relationship…No kidding, I wouldn’t either if I were her!
      Glad you like the mascara, it’s great isn’t it. My lashes also brush the lenses of my sunglasses when I wear it, which is slightly annoying :), but the 1950s movie star look is worth it! xx

  3. Good for you. Love the dress. I’m sitting here thinking of all sorts of “get-even” things you might do in the background the next time they skype. I’m sure you can think of your own evil doings if you’re so inclined. Sorry–immature of me, isn’t it?

    • I was just wondering if plaster man could roll up and play a role! I also wonder if the Skype ‘pasta comedy’ was put on as a reaction to him finding another man in your midst!!!

      After all he may have wanted his linguine but he might have been slightly worried you were getting some linguini (which according to Google and Cosmo is something altogether different from pasta!!)

    • Hello Pat! Mmm, there’s this gorgeous bloke at work, and if I had enough nerve, I would ask him to pretend if he could pretend he is my boyfriend…
      Oh how I look forward to the day I have a real gorgeous boyfriend making me happy and helping me raise my gorgeous children: He’ll be such a loser then xx

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