Nine things I love

The euro zone might cease to exist, the European community of countries I grew up with may implode, meanwhile the world population is growing, arable land is shrinking and climate change is making the weaker countries even weaker…

So I thought I’d talk about something totally fluffy and frivolous today.

Inspired by fellow blogger My Inner Chick‘s idea, I’m going to list nine things I love at the moment:

  1. The combined beauties of Paris and Autumn
  2. Another Autumn thing: roasted chestnuts, yum!
  3. My daughter kissing my head better after I bumped it on a cabinet (d’oh!)
  4. My new Falsies mascara, very dramatic
  5. Saint-Nectaire fermier cheese
  6. The skylights in my new house
  7. The smell of clean laundry
  8. Japanese cast iron tea pots. Totally sleek and stylish
  9. The new Maroon 5 single. Warning : this will get you dancing!


What about you, what are the nine things you love these days?


14 thoughts on “Nine things I love

    • Thanks Judith, this week away from my normal life is a lovely breather… Hope you also enjoyed your weekend away! x
      Ps. And well done for the rugby. The feeling here is that France played well in the final, but over the whole competition, the All Blacks deserved to win 🙂

    • Yep, I love that mascara. I even dumped the eye-liner morning make-up I’ve worn for years to just go for dramatic lashes. 🙂

  1. Beautiful photos. Great idea–nine things, hmmm. You and My Inner Chick may have started a trend. Love your skylights.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Pat. And thank Kim at My Inner Chick for the inspiration, she’s the one who started it (and she’s a great blogger). Looking forward to your own take on this then! 🙂

  2. Love, love, love your list. And especially love the Maroon 5 song…it’s been running through my head for over a month…LOVE IT. So good. Glad you are settling in and enjoying your fall. I am jealous of your skylights!

    • Hello there passionately seeking, good to see you back! Yep, I’ve also had that song going round in my head for a while…
      Take care, hope you get over that cough soon. x

  3. May as well post some of my “loves” here….thanks for the inspiration.

    1: My Kids. every second of every hour.
    2. The fresh sweet tomatos I pulled off the vine a few hours ago.
    3. G
    4. My son’s moments of being 35, quipping wise thoughts….and then being 7 again a nanosecond later
    5. Carmelized onions, heirloom tomatos and fresh italian basil made into my marguerite soup
    6. The crispness of the morning as Fall comes into swing.
    7. Sleep….still rare but I love it.
    8. Pachelbel’s Canon in D
    9. Being able to run again

    • Aww LFBA, well I love your list!
      Ooh, and can I come round for some of your marguerite soup? It sounds yummy…
      Great to hear you are able to run and sleep (a bit) again x

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