Plaster Man

I am sitting in the sun on the patio, simultaneaously scratching paintmarks off my fingers and typing (no mean feat).

My daughter is taking a nap, my son is at a playdate, and I am on holiday. Hooray!

The last few weeks have been so very up and down, I just needed a break. Badly. As well as some sleep and TLC. All things I am pretty sure I can get next week while staying at my parents’ near Paris…

Meanwhile, I spent the morning getting my former flat ready for check-out inspection, by touching-up the paintwork with white paint and Plaster Man.

I bet you didn’t know that as well as having more cheeses than there are days in a year, France boasts a website called Plaster Man. This would be Band-Aid Man for Americans, nothing to do with actual plastering or getting plastered, although theoretically you could get plastered while plastering with a Plaster Man…Mmmm, interesting thought.

Anyway, Plaster Man is a bit like a dating website for wounded and disappointed ladies in need of a male ear, advice or company. Isn’t that wonderful?

One ironic night, I found the concept funny enough to register and promptly started collecting requests from wanna-be plasters. Nothing much happened because I just could not muster the time or enthusiasm to look for plasters, until one day after I’d tried and failed to motivate friends to go out on one of my rare child-free nights.

In a bout of exasperation, I emailed one of my local Plaster Men and just stated that I needed to go out, as a matter of urgency, and would he please take me out somewhere, anywhere, just so I could get out. Plaster Man chivalrously obliged, organised a night-time walk on a hill above the city, and I spent a nice low-key evening out with a complete stranger.

From the outset, I was pretty open about not being anywhere near ready to look for a boyfriend, and the fact that I was looking for friends to go out with, maybe look after me a little, and that’s it. Plaster Man seems happy enough with my offer, so we have been out a couple of times, and he’s even fixed a couple of things around my house.

He is easy company and a good complement to all my local girlfriends who are married, with children and just cannot relate to my overwhelming urge to go out and escape whenever I get a night of freedom.

Of course, in a Hollywood film, we would have fallen madly in love and would currently be riding off into the sunset, but in the real world of people who do not wake up with full make-up on, we have started what feels like easy friendship, no relationship on the horizon.

Still, when T actually saw Plaster Man this morning as he dropped our daughter off during our painting session, I was pretty happy to leave him guessing…Ha!


19 thoughts on “Plaster Man

  1. Really … reeeeally. Huh… that would be excellent. This is great. I like this. I wish they had this in the states. Sounds like you have a new friend. Good for you! πŸ™‚

      • It’s like a nice no pressure thing, just go out and relax. Sounds very nice, enjoy yourself. πŸ™‚

        • Yes, I’m hoping to keep enjoying it. Another interesting point actually is that the concept of dating doesn’t exist in France. Courting is generally a very different, dare I say more subtle affair…

  2. I culdn’t help chuckling when you mentioned about “T” seeing the “other man”. It would have been great to be a mind reader. It’s great that yu have some companionship. He sounds like a sound guy

    • Yes, on the surface, T seemed completely unphased, said a polite hello and fussed over his daughter, but I’d have loved to know what really went through his mind…
      And you’re right, Plaster Man is a sound guy. Shame I cannot feel more towards him in a way…x

      • Time. Give it time ………….. and an open mind!! Some of the best relationships develop through strong friendship first……


  3. I’m very pleased you’re getting out with other guys, in any context. I think it’s a sign you’re healing and, who knows, one of them might well be someone that intrigues you enough to make you feel that stirring that signifies one more step in healing.

    2012…still hoping it’s a good year for you!

    • You’re right SD, hanging out with guys will help me eventually be able to trust men again. That’s the plan anyway.
      And I really, really hope you’re right about 2012. I’d love to find someone special and feel ready for something new. Still a pretty long way to go though if you want my honest opinion, you just can’t speed the grieving process!
      You seem to be going faster than me on this, everyone is different…x

  4. I love it! Great post. And I’m sorry if I’m snide, but I’m really glad T saw him. Well, no, I’m not sorry. I’m delighted.

    I’m way behind on my blog reading. I must say, this one was worth waiting for.

    • πŸ™‚ T is very good at hiding his emotions from me these days, all I get to see is a smooth surface of assurance. But yes, I can’t help wondering about what went through his mind…x

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