House warming

As I clear up paper plates and keep finding bits of cake in the most unexpected of places (inside the bath anyone?), it just seems extraordinary that when I moved over to the French Alps two years ago, I did not know anyone. Yet a couple of hours ago, I had to traipse carefully around my living-room  to avoid stepping on small children, ate gorgeous cakes not made by me, and got spoiled rotten by many dozens of people.

Right at the end of another tough week, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, our new house got well and truly warmed by the flooding sunlight, the oven I had forgotten to switch off, and all the friends who swarmed over to wish us well in our new life…

Among other things, there is officially a new love in my life, who has an impeccably trim body and does absolutely everything bar taking the bins out : Its name is Multipro by Kenwood… It just makes me want to cook again!

I cannot thank everyone enough for joining in the madness, for planting an apple tree in the garden, for making me feel safe and surrounded at a time when it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated… It just makes me want to dance again!

To all the faraway friends & bloggers who joined us in spirit, turn up the volume and join me on the dance floor 🙂 !

Rhianna ft Calvin Harris – We found love in a hopeless place (my current anthem)


13 thoughts on “House warming

  1. Oh I am so glad that some normalcy and excitement with (new) friends are coming back into your life. And I love your music selection today. Imagine a 70-something dancing around her study clad only in her towelling dressing gown straight from the shower. Luckily there are no videos here.

    • Cheers Judith, and I’d love to see you dancing around to Rhianna in your dressing gown! V excited for you on the light mention on your blog of a budding relationship, sounds pretty good to me! x

  2. Love the song. I’m too tired to dance tonight but I’m dancing in spirit.

    You’ve made some great friends in a very short time. They even planted a tree for you!? That’s a truly beautiful and generous gesture. You are loved. Wonderful!

    • Thank you Pat, and glad at least your spirit is dancing!
      I know I am so lucky to be loved, and/or appreciated by many people. It’s funny that I lose that perspective when I go down…
      You take care, and I hope you don’t have too much longer to wait? xx

  3. I have to say Mr Multopro looks like a very elegant man, and I’m glad he inspires you to cook again. As for the friends popping over etc. We are often loved more than we know, and I’m really pleased you got a chance to experience it

  4. Lovely lovely news – I shall dance round my little house this evening when I get home.

    Better not here at work – they’d think I’d finally ‘lost it’!!!


  5. So glad you were surrounded by warm welcomes as you start down the new road in your new home. I know firsthand how good that feels! Sounds like you’ve got lots of new blessings upon which to rebuild this part of your life. Kudos!

    • Yes, it does feel good, doesn’t it ? And I’m glad that most of the time, you seem to be surrounded by people who care too. I think it’s just the times when we find ourselves alone, when we feel like the odd one out that are tough.
      What I’ve noticed too is that I kind of have to organise our social life so that we are regularly surrounded by people who care, as opposed to when I was coupled up and things just happened, there wasn’t the same need, and it didn’t take as much energy to keep going.
      At times, I run out of energy and wish it could just be easier. Hope your week is better than your weekend. xx

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