Rear view

I am waiting at a traffic light, with the evening sun in my eyes, and this beautiful song on the radio, enjoying a brief moment of peace in an otherwise hectic few days.

Moving homes is such a weird process, a bit like taking a very long look into the rear view mirror before driving forward, a bit like a funeral.

So many memories flood in as you remove yourself from your home, as you erase the past and leave a blank page for the next story…

You empty the cupboards and bare the walls, you close the boxes and the windows, then the front door, and then… You’re gone.

I will be internet-less for a while, so will read you all on the other side.


14 thoughts on “Rear view

  1. Moving homes is about moving…forward.

    You’re leaving behind something, but most of your focus is on where to put things, who sleeps in what room, what to do with the painting Aunty Odd-Lady gave you, etc.

    My own Golden Rule for moving is this: If you haven’t unpacked a particular box in the first two week, it will be at least two years before you get around to opening it (“So, THAT’S where the colander was!!”). With this in mind, spend a lot of time thinking about your new house and how you want to use it. The point of all this being…look forward. Reach out and turn the rear-view mirror skyward…

    Good luck!
    Cheers, SD.. xx

  2. I agree with Separated Dad. Moving is one of those defining moments. A step worth taking.

    The new home will be all yours to have as you want (and yes I know that doesn’t feel that brilliant) but at least the walls can’t ‘shout’ back at you anymore with the ‘remember whens…….”

    Good luck. I hope the move goes OK. Thinking of you.

    AS SD says turn the rear-view mirror skyward.



    • I think I needed all those moments of looking back, to help me digest what’s happened, to go through the grieving, and now I feel tentatively ready to look forward.
      It’s so weird sleeping in my new bedroom, where he’s never been. But I guess it’s a relief. In fact I think one of my first thoughts was I wonder what man I may share those walls with…

          • Thanks SD, and I guess yes, these little moments when I think about the future are steps on the recovery path. But it certainly isn’t a straight forward walk, instead it feels a bit like a weird kind of dance, one step forward, two steps back, one to the side and a little skip… 🙂

            Re: The red walls. They will have to go eventually, but I just have no spare time or energy right now.

  3. As time passes, and you find out about your new future, I hope that you can look in the rear-view to see how far you have come.
    To me there is no sense denying the past. Nor is it helpful to shove it aside.
    That past is a part of your definition.
    That past is your children, with whom you will stroll hand in hand towards the future.
    As time heals and gives you strength and your future unfolds and brightens I hope you can look upon this journey with peace in your heart.

    • I think you’re right, the past is part of me, and there is no sense in trying to speed up the grieving process, to force myself to look forward, not back. It’ll come in time, things just take time,,,
      Hope you’re holding up ok? x

  4. I will miss yo while your’re gone too. Partings of any kind are difficult. I hope you settle into your new place without too much hassle. Fingers crossed for you

    • Not quite settled into the new place yet, not feeling like home, but we’ll eventually get there. There were no major hassles, so your fingers crossing obviously worked a treat :)!

  5. I like ‘turn the rear view mirror skywards’ we can all do that at times.
    Glad to see from later posts, that you are getting settled. 🙂

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