Tonight, I have suddendly gotten interested in my site stats (the thing that tells me how many people click on which posts on the blog every day) and wow, aren’t they clever things? For the last hour or so, I have been looking in fascination as the figures are going up and someone is seemingly reading through my entire blog from scratch.

Being utterly shallow, I find it insanely flattering and cannot resist the urge to say hello! I’m both shallow and very curious, so dying to know who you are, why you landed here and what you think…

Martin Solveig et dragonette- hello:


10 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Ah join the clan. The site stats are fascinating and I agree I get so excited when someone reads lots of my posts and pages! I get a real glow!

    Hope the stats are doing well!

    BTW there is also a widget you can add which shows how many visitors you’ve had.


    • Yes, I find it really weird (but nice) that dozen of strangers could find my ramblings worth reading. I might pay more attention as it sure made me feel good.
      BTW, I went through your site pretty much from one end to the next in a couple of sittings when I discovered it.

  2. I am shallow too then. I found the new tool on the stats and it is amazing. Hope your stats are going through the roof. šŸ™‚

  3. No one really visits my blog, probably because I rarely bother to post anything there šŸ™‚

    Your posts are honest, interesting and, like Caroline’s, give food for thought. I will be back.. (just so you know).

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