It is official: I am turning into a bitter old witch. Soon I shall go around wearing a pointy hat, and little children will be scared of walking past my house.

It may have something to do with the fact that my daughter is off for a week with her dad. That this new separation comes only a week after the previous one, that she is still so little and feels like I abandon her every time. That T fails to reply to my repeated plea to meet The New Ms T before she gets introduced to our daughter…

I know I am supposed to let go, forgive T and wish him well… Instead I wish he gets food poisoning and spends his week off on the bog, ha!


7 thoughts on “Maturity

    • Hey Pat, you’re being very charitable there, this was not one of my best moments! But hey, these times of pure frustration and sadness still happen, turning me into a raging bitter thing, which are kind of funny really, in a way.

  1. Hi Lady E.
    I am continually amazed at the commonality in thoughts and themes and most especially timing with regard to blogs and blog topics.
    I been thinking about this very same thing, then came across yours and this blog (both of which I subscribe to).

    They both sum up my feelings very well too.

    I know this is so difficult. In another blog of yours where you questioned that maybe this is not his fault, it is just his preference, you find a path to forgiveness. But that also leads to questioning and then sometimes anger too.

    It is not necessarily that two people can or will not be able to work it out…but the manner in which it blows up that is the more painful thing, It always causes wreckage when it happens in this manner.

    I understand your feelings and confusion and anger and sadness and all of it.

    Peace to you

    • It’s funny isn’t it, how we all pretty much seem to be dragging ourselves down the same road…And how we all struggle between rationality and the blindness that pain causes. At the end of the day (and trust me it hurts to even write that) I think we are all good people, no one likes hurting others, especially not the people they loved most.
      Thank you for always prompting me to go further in my thinking, and for understanding. It helps tremendously.
      Remember the five year thing, we’ll all go skiing and we’ll be laughing at how silly we were…

  2. I remember my days of feeling just like that. I hated when my son went off with his dad. It felt wrong (for me) that he didn’t have me with him to take care of him. I knew his dad couldn’t look after him like I would. It was terrible. I knew it was important for my son to see his dad though, but it was really, really hard. It does get a little easier – I promise. If it helps I still have witchy moments, even now – like your food poisoning idea!

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