I am back where it all started, the same blue sky, the same sea breeze, blazing heat, sand in our ears…

Three years ago, a crap mattress meant I ended up with a sore neck. My sister recommended I got a massage from the friend she had brought on holiday with us. The night was hot, I was distracted, the kitchen smelt of blackberry jam. And when his skin and mine connected, something tiny and odd came into focus, nothing was different, yet everything changed.

Suddendly the air felt lighter, there was joy in everything, and while our minds had not registered anything yet, our bodies were plotting ways in which they would meet again.

I snap back to the present, a tiny girl is calling out to me. She’s got his dark eyes, his quizzical frown, she holds out a stone and says “Mummy!”.


6 thoughts on “Snap

    • Thanks! It’s just odd how even today everything’s the same (down to my sore neck), but everything’s different. The past and present are colliding in a dizzying kind of way.

    • Thanks Caroline. It’s just so weird be in this same place, same time of year, same onlookers…It’s only been three years but so much has happened.

    • Well thank you, mother interrupted! Funnily enough, it is sort of on the same theme as your post on first dates…Dates don’t really exist here in France, but that first spark is pretty international.

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