The view

Look through the window and imagine you see this:

Darkness is coming, a sliver of moon is creeping up from behind the freshly powdered mountains. The temperature has dropped, the children are in bed and the week is closing.

You sit alone and listen to this: PJ Harvey – The river

Your husband left you four months ago, and you are barely starting to recover from the shock. He has come to see your children, and you ended up spending a good afternoon together….

In the course of a pleasant conversation about practicalities, he casually mentioned that he is planning a two-week adventure holiday in South-East Asia in September, and that really, you should get a divorce now. You two never had time to travel when you were together because you got pregnant 6 months into your relationship, and you already had a small child anyway…

You had been warned by wiser, well-meaning people not to hope, but you still hoped because you just cannot accept that the person you loved is capable of doing this to you.

You know you deserve better. In fact, you’d be curious to know exactly who would ever deserve to have their heart-broken in this way…


8 thoughts on “The view

  1. Hello Surrey Gal! D’you know, I think I am beginning to think exactly that…He can be a lovely, helpful and charming man, but he has treated with no respect, and is currently behaving like a selfish, immature so and so. I really don’t need that.
    How long did it take you to feel philosophical about your marriage ending ie. to think it was actually a good thing?

    • Moi je suis nouvelle dans les Alpes, mais j’adore…Le paysage est tellement changeant. Merci encore pour ton travail qui est remarquable.

  2. Ouch. Heartbreak stings like a fucker. Batten down the hatches you’re in for a bumpy ride, but trust me it does get better. Today I can say I AM HAPPY. Nothing exciting happened, no-one gave me anything, yet there it is. There was I time when I couldn’t imagine ever feeling this way again. You will be happy again, and possibly happier than you were with the husband…hang in there x

    • Thanks for your kind words Dancing Divorcee & I bloody well hope you’re right.
      Funnily enough I’ve got my dancing separatey knickers on tonight: Hitting the town with some mums from school. Glad to hear you’re happy now, I say, keep on chanting. x

  3. Yes hang in there. I never believed I’d find a route out of my own personal Chilean Mine – but I am. It’s a tough old road and not one I would wish on anyone. No-one deserves what we are going through. I know that.

    But there will be a light at the end of your tunnel.

    You are doing so well

    • Thank you for the encouragement Caroline. It is inspiring to see others who have come through the other side of this, but at the same time the light at the end of the tunnel is still nowhere in sight and I am losing faith.

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