This one is missing a piece too...

This week, I have been on holiday in Paris with my children, a good friend, and her three kids. The resulting level of decibels could probably rival your average A320 warming up for take-off, but everyone had fun. We stayed at my parents’, whose aim seems to be that any guest should leave their house at least 10 pounds heavier than when they arrived.

We enjoyed some nice weather, and negotiated our way around Paris with 5 children: An hour at the park roughly got us an hour at the museum, and we had to throw in the odd ice-cream after we ran into overtime at an exhibition.

In contrast, I realised that last week had been harrowing, mostly because my children were separated and it felt like all the pieces from my personal jigsaw were scattered. Girl was staying with her dad T for the week, and her brother, who still refuses to stay with T, was with my parents. My children, who had been so close, and had found so much comfort in each other after T left, were being driven apart. My own pain had also alienated me from both of them.

This week, they got to become close again, and I got to spend some good moments with them, which had not happened in a long time. Yesterday, the last piece joined us, and the jigsaw felt complete for a little while at least…

Ben Harper – Number three:


4 thoughts on “Jigsaw

    • Whereas my children literally clung to each other for dear life: It was very cute, if a bit sad they felt they were each other’s best source of comfort while the adults were going mad. Funny how they cope in different ways.

  1. E,

    You’ve done very well with the puzzle. Just one more piece, you can do it. šŸ™‚

    You’ve raised an interesting point about how the kids react.

    My younger two have always been close, but as they’ve both become teens (when I was 20, I never expected one day to be mediating battles over who stole someone else’s bra), they sometimes niggle each other. So far, they’ve found an outlet in each other. They’ve talked among themselves who they want to live with in the future, they’ve talked about things I never expected.

    My oldest. Oh dear. Always a high-strung lass, she’s letting this get to her and is far less mature than she used to be. It’s very difficult. But…she is getting along with her sisters…except when she steals their clothes.

    I’m pleased to hear your two are close. In less than two years, you’ll be sitting at the dinner table and, for the first time, you will notice they are talking to each other and not to you. It’s mixed feelings when you watch them start to chat…

    • Hey Struggling Dad,
      Yes, I love to see them so close, it’s a joy. And quite frankly also a little bit of a relief that all is not resting on me, that they can find strength in their own bond. Yep, looking forward to hearing them chat.
      And glad your girls are also supporting each other in these difficult times. I’ve heard that a lot of siblings become closer after going through rough times together.

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