I have a guest

Struggling Dad trying to counter his down-under upbringing

Huhuhu, I feel like Oprah….

My guest today is another poor soul who thought, “Oh look, my marriage is going down the drain, ow, ow, it hurts, I don’t know what to do with myself, ooh, how about this: Should I just write about it on the h-internet?”… And so I stumbled upon the ravings scribblings of Struggling Dad (aka SD).

Note: We’ve interviewed each other and you can find the ‘opposing’ interview of me here.

Good morning Struggling Dad!

SD: I guess it’s good afternoon to you.

So tell me something useless about you … what did you have for breakfast?
SD: My all-time at-home favorite is Earl Grey tea and a couple of slices of toast. But not today. My youngest, Charlotte, has been unhappy so I treated her to breakfast out. We both had a Malibu Melt: poached eggs, avocado, cheese, and some other ingredients on toasted country bread.

I hear you live in the USA: Are you obese and prone to wearing socks with your sandals?
SD: Now that you mention it, I’m not sure if I am wearing socks with my sandals. It’s hard to see my feet, what with this enormous, bulging belly in the way. I’m going to have put down my Big Macs and see if I can find a mirror of some kind. Don’t they make doorways narrow these days?

What about something different — what is your honest opinion about the welfare of caged pheasants?
SD: Although I’ve lived in England, pheasant never graced my plate. I thought the upper class liked to shoot them. Caging them isn’t just mean to the birds, it seems to make the shooting exercise not quite ‘sporting.’
Do you think a blog will help you through your difficulties?
SD: Maybe a problem shared is a problem halved. So I plan to tell as many people as I can.

Let’s challenge you with some hypothetical questions …I’ve just heard that you’re being thrown out of your country for crimes against cheerfulness. If money were no object, what are 3 other cities you’d consider living in?
SD: I’m going to assume that ‘my’ country is the one I am currently living in: the USA. Otherwise, based on my array of passports, it would also rule out Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK. Money being no object is key. There are some very nice cities where living well is not cheap. In no particular order, I will select London, Vancouver, or Melbourne. Hmm, I have to add more. I loved Bern, even if I’d need to have my tonsils removed to speak Bärn-Dütsch properly. Ottawa is a small and livable capital. Cirencester isn’t a city, but the Cotswolds are so picturesque, I’m going to cheat and, besides, no-one can stop me!

Alas, there is a massive oversupply of project managers but, fortunately, the Government  (the one that was throwing you out a minute ago) is offering you free high-speed training for any other career. What are 2 or 3 others you’d consider?
SD: Since the training is free and fast, I’ll go for trial lawyer as one option. I suspect that thinking on my feet in a trial would be intense but fun. My other alternative is a serious one: psychologist. The service men and women coming back from various wars (don’t get me started on this) often have PTSD. Having worked through a mild version of this once and other stresses since, I’d like to look someone in the eye and be able to say, “Hey, I know some of what you’re you’re going through and I know we can fix this. Let’s get started.”

Thanks Struggling Dad, have a good rest of the day.

And so, because I am a scientist, I got tempted into experimenting with Struggling Dad: I will grace his readers with my semi-hysterical female perspective on a family being broken up (which you can read here), and he’ll give you his testosterone-laden vision.

Struggling Dad’s musical choice today Eminem ft. Rhianna – Love the way you lie:


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