It’s a pleasant Spring dusk, the air is heavy with the scent of flowers,  I am pedalling like a lunatic. Because I forgot to get my car back from the garage (d’oh!) and will be late for an appointment. At home the fridge is bare and a disturbing pile of laundry is making it precarious to get to the loo. I cannot seem to care.

In fact I cannot seem to care about much right now, bar when am I going to be able to party again. I have acquired the mental age of a dodgy-coloured-alcopop-drinking, miniskirt-by-minus-fifteen-wearing twenty year old overnight. Since we already established that I was a chav last week, I do believe this is quite befitting. I may just have to hang an English flag from my window or something… No wait, I’m in France and last time a friend of mine saw an English flag on my son’s football jersey, she asked if he was supporting the Red Cross.

I cycle through a red light, Taio Cruz’s song is in my head “I can’t get enough, I can’t get enough, I can’t stay on the ground”.

Taio Cruz – Higher


4 thoughts on “Higher

  1. E,

    I saw “chav” before and passed it by. This time I stopped. I found it in Urban Dictionary. Yikes! The “V” stands for violent! Stand clear everyone!

    Mental note to self: Be nice to E.

    OK, so I jest. Your recent posts suggest that love rather than war is on your radar. Not “love” love, but you’re hardly coming across as an English football hooligan. You’re more Bardot than Bruce (Lee)!

    • I dunno really, I can practically see myself as some female Bruce Lee :o). I didn’t know the ethymology of the word chav either. Learnt something today, thanks!

  2. Hi there, I have been out of touch for a while- as with everyone too self-absorbed….sat here working into the wee small hours of a Friday evening I am thinking of you…have not caught up on the events in ur life for a while. Hoping u are doing okay. Lots of love, E xxx

    • Hey there, Nice to hear from you. Can’t believe you had to work so latelast night: Nice way to start the week end! Hope all is well with you…xx

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