The flat is too quiet, and you can hear the wet noise of traffic outside, an ambulance in the background, an abysmal newsflash about the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan. A quiet anxiety pervades my life two days away from yet another major change for both the children and me.

Three months ago, I was a happily partnered home-working mum, and I am now about to become an executive single mum… How about that for a change? Think I should move to planet Mars, and possibly consider a sex change, just to be thorough.

Ian Brown – F.e.a.r


2 thoughts on “F.e.a.r

  1. J’ai découvert aujourd’hui ton blog avec une profonde émotion. Tu écris vraiment bien et tes enfants ont une maman merveilleuse.
    Cette semaine est un pas en avant pour eux et toi vers la reconstruction. Fonce… tu peux compter sur nous.

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