The club

T has a collection of brothers accessorised with a collection of nephews and nieces. Last week, I met up with two of my ex-sisters in law, and made some interesting discoveries… Such as the fact that I had become the latest addition to the growing club of victims of the T brothers curse.

I always knew T’s family had been profoundly affected by loss and the dysfunction of the parental couple, but had never fully realised how much it had shaped T’s and his brothers’ life. From my sis in law, I heard how every single one of them craves the idea of fixing their childhood by having their own family, and being a good husband and father. But when reality hits, they all fail, leaving behind a trail of incredulous exes, trying to bring up children whose fathers are no more than wounded little boys.

Happy international women’s day everyone, and special kisses to my brave sis in law: You rock.

Neneh Cherry – Woman


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