Lost for words

I thought it would be a long and slow process, but it only took a two-hour conversation to kill the love I had for T. It would seem the man I let into my and my son’s life, who always said he considered and loved my son like his own has changed his mind…

Actually, what he says is “I still consider him like my son (why of course), but I would like to see his sister more, and take her only on holiday abroad”. Like this is the most normal thing in the world to tell a child who refers to you as “my daddy”.


4 thoughts on “Lost for words

  1. >It's not on – you're going to have to put your foot down. At least find a compromise for C's sake. Though actually what I really want to tell you to do is run away to the Bahamas with both of your babies and tell him where to go (and not politely!). What an absolute *&#@!!!

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