What would you have done differently?

Today I heard a song on the radio about a guy who wishes he could travel back in time to change the course of events. Not wholly original, but it made me ponder the following pointless question: Had I known the bitter end of the story, what would I have done differently?

Would I have taken T up on the offer of baby-sitting that brought us together? Let him get under my skin, talk me into trusting him, believed his promise never to abandon me?…

I guess strangely the answer would still be yes. For I would rather be here now, than to not have tasted the richest and most accepting relationship of my life, the joy of wanting and building a family with someone, of holding our daughter…

Either that, or I am really a closet masochist.

Here’s the song in question. French rap I’m afraid, and it starts off with a rendition of Happy birthday. Don’t be scared. Soprano – Hiro


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