Bumpy ride

My son’s currently fixated on a pop song called Bumpy ride, and likes practising some funny spastic dance moves around the living room.

He has also taken to scrutinising my face as though he were checking the weather forecast, then announcing “mummy, you are sad/happy again”. I have had to explain over and over again that whilst I will be happy again, it may take a while, even as long as until his birthday, next Christmas (shocking), or possibly even longer. In the meantime, appropriately, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, there will be some happy times, and still some sad times.

By this stage, I have usually lost him: Anything further away than his birthday is quite frankly unthinkable for a seven year old, and he’s gone back to splashing his sister in the bath or flying Lego across the room.

As you can guess from the title, the words are probably entirely inappropriate for children, but kids seem to go wild for this song. Try it with yours and let me know how it goes! Mohombi – Bumpy ride


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