Good vibes

It’s almost a month already, since I was hit by a metaphorical bus (must have been a double-decker), and the lows still keep on coming. Desperation so thick and dark it makes me want to howl, and I can no longer remember who I am. I know I used to love life and be happy once upon a time, but at times like this, it becomes a concept as abstract as quantum field theory. Yet even though I feel lonely, I am not going through the days alone. Good vibes keep coming our way from friends and family all around France and the UK, helping me hobble along until I get back on my feet. Never had I spent such an inordinate amount of time on the telephone, drunk so much tea or received so many presents and invitations. And I cannot thank them enough for their time, attentions, sympathy, soups, and for not dwelling on the fact that I look like death warmed up and shrunken in the wash :o).

Really cool song for today Groundation – Groundation chant


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