If I got a euro for every time I’ve heard someone tell me “this sort of brutal separations happen all the time” in the last month, I could be off cruising around the coconut islands for a fortnight. The thing is that yes, I’m sure you too have heard about your great auntie’s butcher’s wife sudden unexplained walk-out,  and seen the statistics. But wait a second, this is my life we are talking about here! My life and my children’s family…And no, it is no consolation to know that what we are going through is somehow banal. In fact, it hurts. Think I need a t-shirt that reads “I am not a statistic”.


2 thoughts on “Banal

  1. My blog is actually called “So, Now I’m A Statistic” for exactly the same reason. It is amazing that such painful parts of our lives can be reduced to percentages and other people’s friend’s relative’s stories.

  2. Dear Robin,
    …And I know, it’s maddening isn’t it? The fact is that because what happened to us happened to a lot of other people, people automatically assume that it’s not that bad, when in fact, it is just as devastating, no matter how many other poor souls have been through it before you.
    Hang on in there

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