Incandescent rage has erupted into my life after yet another night of being woken up every 20 minutes by a teething baby. My fatigue only equals the anger I feel that I should be the only one getting up every night, rocking and soothing anxious children to sleep when my own world has only just crumbled. That this man has not only suddenly forgotten all that we shared, all that was good about us, he has left me virtually jobless in a still new city, with no family and two little kids. He has broken the deals we had for our respective careers, for our future. And if this wasn’t enough, he is currently enjoying the single lifestyle of hard working and partying, spending money we haven’t got on flash furniture and recently thought it appropriate to lecture me on crying in front the children. No really, the cheek of the new T is seemingly limitless!

This has to be my all times favourite angry song

Rage against the machine – Killing in the name (to be blasted at full volume for full effect, ooh yeah…)


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